Microsoft Office account is a single platform for everything that you need to make your life easier. Using this one platform you can get your hands on multiple Office products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and more. One username and password is all that you need to enjoy diverse products. To start off with application usage, you first have to create an account via “portal.office.com”. Later you can sign in to it anytime, from anywhere, and create the best of your work with more creativity and innovation.

Clear and Descriptive Procedure for Microsoft Office Sign-In


Below-given is a complete procedure for signing in to your Office Account. For eliminating the midway errors you must ensure that you have a high-speed network connection. Connect your device to the internet and then commence the procedure mentioned below. 

  1. The very first step of the process is to load an internet browser. To perform the Office login process, you may use any of your favorite browsers.
  2. In the browser window, move your cursor to the address field and provide the login web address. The URL for the same is “portal.office.com”.
  3. This will prompt the login window on your computer screen.
  4. The primary window of portal.office.com has a field for entering the email address. The email address that is linked to your Office account must be entered in the provided field.
  5. The same window will also have a link for creating an Office account. Click the link and create your account, if you have still not done. 
  6. As you are done entering the email address, click the “Next” tab.
  7. The next window of portal.office.com will provide an area for invading the account security password. Every character of the password must be entered with extreme attention and care.
  8. When done, you can confirm the account login process by hitting the “Sign In” tab.

Take a Glimpse at the “Family” Feature of Microsoft Office


“Microsoft Family Safety” is an ultimate offering of Microsoft Office that helps users to stay connected with their loved ones; share stuffs such as images, documents, etc.; remain organized, and to make the digital world safe for your kids. You can create a group with all your family members and get access to several features that will escalate your experience. Some of the key features that will simplify your family’s life and it more enjoyable are:

    • 1 TB Cloud Storage: By creating a family group, each member will get free OneDrive cloud storage. This will help you enjoy the Office applications on all your devices without any interruptions. 
    • Location Sharing: By installing the application on your mobile device, you can share your location with your family members. With that, you can also keep a track of your kid’s location and the activities they do.
    • Entertainment: For entertainment, Microsoft Office provides you access to various movies, games, stores for gaming device purchase, and more.
    • Family Notebook: You can create a family notebook in your group on which you can jot down the list of groceries, make plans, share important notes, etc. This will save time for sharing all the items individually with every family member.  
    • Calendar: It offers you the option to create your own shared calendar on which you can mark the important events, appointments, kid’s school activities, and more. 
    • Screen Time: To limit the internet usage of your kids, you can set a screen time. Later, your child can use the internet only on the time specified by you. You can set different screen time for different devices or set the same time for all the devices. 
    • Content Filtering: For keeping your kid away from inappropriate content available online, you can block the sites that you don’t want your kid to access. Along with this, you can also choose the games that you find apt. 

There are several other features too that can be accessed after creating a family group. For creating a group, you have to start by signing in to your account via portal.office.com. Later, move to your profile by clicking your name from the upper-right corner. Then, click My Account> Add a member. Further, you have to provide the email address or the mobile number and send the members the invite to join the group.