How to find the Microsoft Office product key?

Microsoft Office product key is a 25 character code used to activate Microsoft Office suite and check that it has not been used on more systems than Microsoft Software License Terms permit. Moreover, the user can redeem the product key only once and is not meant to be used again or can’t be shared. 

The Microsoft Office product key is entered at the time of the reinstallation process to activate the software. The user will receive the product key when they purchase it from the store; the product key will be provided with the software. 

All users are suggested to save the product key because it can be used in the future at the time of reinstalling the operating system. In case, somehow, any user lost the product key, they won’t reinstall the software program. 

Microsoft Office product key

Where the user can find Microsoft Office product key?

The user can easily find the Office 365 product key through the following ways mentioned below.

Check Microsoft Office Account

The users who have installed the office 365 software and have already used the Microsoft office 365 product key and have lost or got misplaced can retrieve the key through the Microsoft office account information.

  • The users are suggested to visit the Microsoft Office Store and log in to their account. 
  • From there, check for “Install from a disc,” and then, later on, tap on the “I have a disc” button.

The user can then click on “View Product key” for recovering the product key and complete the reinstallation procedure again.

Check the key at the personal documents and Emails

  • The newer version of the office does not have a readable format saved on the system. Therefore, due to this, the user can search for the product key from the personal documents and email.
  • The user who has bought Office 365 from the Microsoft store can check their email for the digital receipt. However, if the user got the software from the physical store, they will get the original disc or search for the card or sticker with the product key.
  • If the user has bought the system with a registered version of Office 365, they can check for the product key on the holographic sticker attached to the unit.

Find the key in the Office Store

If the user fails to locate the receipt, then the best way to recover the Microsoft Office 365product key is to check from the online store.

  • Go to the official store, i.e.,, and then log in to the account. 
  • After signing in, the users are suggested to go to the order history and find their order.
  • Then tap on the “Install Office” and “Hi. Let’s get your office” options will help to retrieve the product key.

With the information provided above, it would get easy for all users to find the Microsoft Office product key if they lost or misplaced it.

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