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Office 365 is an improved Office subscription that helps you to unlock your creativity, enhance your critical thinking, as well as improve your productivity. The subscription plans of Office 365 are packed with high-end features. Some of the notable features of the product are stated below. 

In-built Premium Applications: Office 365 provides you the access to numerous premium applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, One Note, and Publisher. Along with these applications, you will also get the services such as OneDrive, Exchange, and Skype.

Multiple User Enabled: One Office 365 subscription can be used by multiple users. You can share your subscription with up to 6 users to make the most of every single penny you spend on it. 

Ultimate cloud storage: For backing up of data to keep it secure, Office 365 download provides 1 TB cloud storage for every Office user. You can easily save your file over there and access it anytime you need it. It also makes the file sharing easy and quick. 

Promote Teamwork: Office pays a lot of attention to individual growth through its products. Hence, it helps in promoting teamwork in your workplace and educational institution through online meetings and video call applications, and other tool kits that make the communication effective. 

Work Across all the platforms: Office 365 software can be used across all the available platforms. It is compatible with Windows devices, Mac devices, Android phones, tablets, iOS smartphones, and else. 

Advanced Document Features: For making your work more innovative and powerful, Office offers several features such as creative fonts, designer templates, layouts, numerous icons, and much more. 

Online threat Protection: Documents created for your business work, home usage, school projects, and more contains lots of information that needs to be protected. Considering this, Office 365 provides the ransomware protection to all your documents and photos from various cyber-attacks.

Pre-Requirements For Uninterrupted Process

Pre-Requirements For Uninterrupted Process

To perform the Office 365 download process without any mid-way errors and interruptions, users need to fulfill some of the required necessities. The list of requirements is stated underneath.  

  • Speedy Internet Connection: For downloading Office 365 software you must have a high-speed, reliable, and secure network connection. Make sure you use a private network connection. Using a public connection might result in the loss of your personal information. 
  • Compatible Computing Device: A computer system that is compatible with the application must be needed. The system you use for the Office 365 download must fulfill all the requirements such as processor, display, RAM, hard-disk space, etc. 
  • Updated Web Browser: You can use any of the web browsers for Office 365 download. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. works best with the software. Having said that, make sure you use the browser which is updated to the latest available version.
  • Microsoft Office Account: Office account is a fundamental requirement for using Office 365 applications. From downloading to app usage, an account is needed at all levels.

Ways to Download Office Setup File

For being more creative, organized, and smart, you must use Office 365 software. It has all the applications that will help you to get your work done in the most efficient manner. To enjoy premium applications with advanced features you have to download the Office Setup file. This software is a premium subscription that you can purchase both online and offline. However, it also offers you a trial version of it. You can try the software for 1 month without paying a single penny. To get a better understanding of both paid and free subscription and Office 365 download, you must look at the information provided below.

Free Office 365 Subscription:

Free Office 365 Subscription

To get your hands on the trial version of Office 365, you have to perform the given process in the sequential manner as stated below. Before you go for a free trial, make sure that by using a free version you will not be able to access all the features provided by Office 365.

  • Visit the official website of Microsoft Office using the “” web URL. 
  • On reaching the main interface, click the tab stating “Get Office”. Clicking this will take you to the Office subscription comparison window. 
  • Here, you will get the various Office subscription plans. Start by choosing the area of subscription usage i.e. Home or Business. Then, look for the product that you need to try and click the “Try for free” link from the particular plan section. 
  • In the next window, click the tab highlighting “Try 1 month Free”. 
  • You will now be asked to sign in to your Office account. For signing in, you need to have login credentials with you. 
  • In the same login window, you will also get the option to create a new account. If you are not registered with Office, then you can create an account right here. 
  • Once you get logged into your account, you will be asked to choose the payment method for future Office 365 subscription purchase. The Office will only use the provided payment method for making future purchases.
  • When you are done selecting and providing the payment information, step forward by hitting the “Next” tab.
  • Now, review your free Office 365 subscription and confirm the process. 
  • The Office 365 download link for the free trial will now turn up on your screen. Simply click the download link and the process will commence instantly. 
  • The setup file will take a couple of minutes to get downloaded on your computing device.

Paid Office 365:

paid office

To make a premium purchase of Office 365 software, you can choose from the online and offline purchase. For online purchases, you have to visit the official website, choose the plan you need to buy, and make the payment to complete the purchase. On the contrary, if you need to make an offline purchase, then you need to visit your nearby retail shop and get yourself an Office 365 product. Once you are done with the purchase, you can start with the Office 365 download. 

In the case of offline purchase, you will get a CD device. All you need to do is to insert the CD into your computer system and look for the Office 365 setup file in it. Double-click the file and start the installation process. However, if you have purchased the subscription from the official website, then you have to follow the given directions. 

  • Run a compatible web browser and navigate to the official website of Office.
  • In the main interface of the software, click the profile icon from the top-right corner. 
  • This will take you to the Office sign-in window. To perform the sign-in process, input the login credentials in the placed fields. 
  • On the main interface, you have to search for your Office 365 subscription. 
  • Beside your subscription is located a link for download. Click the “Install” link to start off your Office 365 download process.
  • Office 365 download process is a matter of a few minutes. Wait for it to get complete without closing the device or without flipping the screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Microsoft Office allows its users to download and install its product subscription on mobile devices too. Office 365 application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Using the application of a mobile device is handier and uncomplicated. It helps you to get your work done any time anywhere. The following are some of the benefits that you will get on performing the Office 365 download process on your smart device. 

  • On-the-go Productivity
  • Comprehensive App
  • Access to additional features
  • Easy document creation
  • Lesser pre-requirements

Ans. If you are looking forward to making an online purchase of Office 365 subscription, then you are available with the following payment options.

  • Credit Card/Debit card

You can opt to pay right from your bank via debit or credit card. You can either use American Express, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard for the payment. The details that you need to provide is the card number, name of the card owner, CVV, card expiry date, and address. 

  • Paypal

This is another method you can use for making the payment. PayPal is an online payment system using which you can make an online payment for the subscription purchase.

Ans. Microsoft Office focuses on four major users of our society i.e. Home users, Business users, Students, and Entrepreneurs. It has several plans under the Office 365 subscription that are designed keeping in mind the needs of different users. Using these subscription plans, you can enhance your productivity across your work and daily life. The following are the subscription plans that you can get under various categories. 

  • Home: Office 365 Family, Office 365 Personal
  • Business: Office 365 Business Basic, Office 365 Business Standard, Office 365 Business Premium
  • Education: Office 365 A3, Office 365 A5, Office 365 A1

Enterprise: Office 365 E5, Office 365 E3, Office 365 F3

Ans. For making the application usage smooth and hassle-free, Office asks you to fulfill some of the system requirements and make your device compatible with the application. The following are the requirements that you need to satisfy.

Windows: The processor that Windows users need to have must be 2-core and 1.6 GHz. Along with this, you must have 4 GB RAM as well as 4 GB hard disk space in your computer system. The versions of the Windows operating system compatible with the application are Windows 10, 8.1, 2019, and 2016. However, using the latest version of OS will work the best. 

Mac: If you are a Mac user, you need to have the latest version of the OS. Else, you can also use the previous two versions. Along with this, the processor you need to have is Intel-Based. 4 GB RAM and 10 GB of hard disk space are required for the application. 

Mobile Device: Office 365 download can be done on both the Android and iOS devices. For a mobile application, you must have any of the latest 4 versions of Android OS and 2 recent versions of iOS. Along with this, android devices must have 1 GB of extra scape for the software.